About Us

Ukuthemba is a company that strive for excellence, hard work and commitment.

We strive for the joy, satisfaction and peace of mind that our clients find in making use of our services. Together with strategic partners, managers, attorneys we have years of experience under our feet and a world of understanding of the need of a client. We commit ourselves to fulfil a promise made and to deliver an end product to our client.

our staff have a passion that is greater than anything as their first instinct is to first form a bond, listen, understand, view all avenues  and then tackle the task at hand.

UKUTHEMBA will implement service structures to have DEBT FREE consumers in South-Africa within the period of 30/60 months reaching the companies objectives

Ukuthemba have Formal and Informal processes, practiced nationwide to assist clients who finds it difficult to cope with their daily living as well their payments and commitments towards Creditors.